The summer of 2022 has been hot, and while we struggle to find shade and the nearest body of water, humans aren’t the only ones struggling to beat the heat. The extreme heat on the SouthCoast has caused animals to act a little strange, and Wild Care Cape Cod in Eastham has some tips if you have witnessed this odd behavior.

Wild Care Cape Cod is a non-profit organization that helps sick, injured and orphaned wildlife through wildlife rehabilitation. They reduce the number of animals affected by human activity through educational outreach and help protect the species and the ecosystems they represent through advocacy and conservation. So, when they noticed squirrels “splooting," they shared a video to educate the masses.

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And yes, splooting is an actual term.

“We have noticed squirrels that have been laying down flat on their stomach with their legs stretched out behind them in a behavior called splooting,” Wild Care Cape Cod said on Facebook. “They are basically trying to get as much of their body on a cooler surface as possible.”

They shared a video of a squirrel caught in the act as it sprawled out on someone’s front lawn. The poor thing looked hurt, but in reality, it was catching a break from the heat.

It may look like the animals are in distress, but Wild Care Cape Cod suggests giving them their space. They’re just really hot, and I think we can all relate to that these days.

If you are looking to help these animals cool down, the organization suggests leaving shallow dishes of water near trees and shrubs and keeping birdbaths clean and full.

While we can escape to air-conditioned homes and waterparks, keep in mind that options for animals are limited, and all walks of life are counting down the days until rain returns to the forecast.

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