When it comes to dog owners, Massachusetts actually has far fewer than you might think, especially compared to the rest of the country. So maybe Massachusetts is a cat-person state?

According to Pawlicy Advisor, approximately 49.4% of Massachusetts households own a pet. Of those pet homes, 28.9% are dog owners and 23.5% of Massachusetts households own at least cat. While dogs might be slightly more popular, the state still has its fair share of cat lovers.


What are the Most Popular Cat Breeds in Massachusetts?

According to Forbes Advisor, Cat Fancier says these are the most popular cat breeds of 2023.

1. Ragdoll  

2. Maine Coon Cat 

3.Devon Rox

4. Exotic Short Hair 

5. Persian

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6. British Shorthair 

7. Abyssinian 

8. Domestic Non-Pedigreed Cats

9. Scottish Fold

The 5th TICA International Cat Show
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10. Sphynx 

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While there are tons of great cats and cat breeds in Massachusetts, there is one type of breed that is illegal to own as a pet in the state.

This Cat Breed is Illegal to Own or Keep As a Pet in Massachusetts

According to mass.gov,  Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 131 Section 1 states that a hybrid between a domestic cat and any wild feline species is not a domestic animal and cannot be kept as such. Hybrids between domestic cats and wild cats are not considered domestic animals and cannot be possessed, bought, sold, imported, or propagated in the state. The same law applies to dogs.

In addition, according to Big Cat Rescue, Massachusetts has a partial private possession ban, meaning only private exhibitors, like a zoo, are the only places that may possess exotic big cats, such as Jaguars, Bengals, Cheetahs, Tigers, etc.


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