Massachusetts residents are known to have some pretty wild reputations, whether it be our rabid sports fans or that sweet accent (which really only a very small percentage of us actually have) nothing quite defines us like our drivers.  

While New York might have the reputation of being the worst driver in the U.S., I’d like to argue a strong case for the fact that Massholes (hey, it’s in the Oxford Dictionary)  take the cake.  

Listen, everyone has a bad day. Maybe they’re running late? And people (myself included) are equally distracted. I get it, but it seems like more often than not, Massachusetts residents are driving like idiots.  

Boston Globe via Getty Images
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Even my short ten-minute commute home from work makes me want to murder people. Ok, maybe that’s extreme, but drivers who won’t get their heads out of you know where make me crazy.  

To answer that question we took a look at a study from Insurify put together calling out the cities with the worst drivers from each state. They took a look at insurance claims and driver records and dubbed cities "the worst" based on the following infractions:

A police office on the side of the road as he writes a ticket.
  • Failure to yield (right of way, failure to yield to another vehicle
  • Failure to stop violations (failure to stop for a red light, school bus, or stop sign)
  • Passing where prohibited
  • Tailgating
  • Street racing
  • Hit-and-runs

Which City in Massachusetts Has the Worst Drivers?

The city of Lowell was deemed the rudest in Massachusetts. According to Insurify, 42.34 per 1,000 people have been ticketed for one of the above violations, which is 55% ruder than the state average.


 What City Has the Rudest Drivers in the County?

The same study found that residents of Citrus Heights, California are the rudest in the U.S. with 59.68 per 1,000 of their drivers having committed violations.

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