Massachusetts temps have been hot, hot, hot!

Folks who live in Massachusetts know there are only a few fleeting months of summer to enjoy, so once they arrive, there is no time to waste. While the warmed months can be enjoyed throughout the state, from sunny rooftops in Boston, to the sandy beaches of Cape Cod, there is no better part of the state to enjoy summer than the beautiful Berkshires.

The biggest reason folks flock to the Berkshires of western Massachusetts is the nature that surrounds it. Day hikes and adventures for people of all fitness levels are readily available to folks year-round, but once the fleeting summer months have arrived, people are itching to get out there and enjoy it.

There is really no better time of year to get out and enjoy the outdoors in Massachusetts than when those hot summer temperatures are hitting. Getting in the woods, and the water is the best way to beat the heat and humidity which are commonplace this time of year.

The best trips into the woods are the ones that lead you to nature's pot of gold, the waterfall.

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We took a look at some of the best waterfalls The Berkshires and western Massachusetts have to offer, perfect for a summer hike!



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