Would you says that Pittsfield is a boring place to live? Someone apparently thinks so. MSN sister site, Business Insider, put out its lists recently of what it has determined to be the most boring cities in each state. You’ll never guess which city in Massachusetts made the list… that’s right, Pittsfield. But why? Well, they first looked at big cities in the U.S. that they found to have tons of food and culture and then compared them to smaller cities that they consider to be “boring” – places you might want to live if you like to take life at a slower pace.

To be more specific, in coming up with their list they counted the number of establishments for 66 different types of businesses that make a city “interesting” such as museums, art dealers, and breweries using data from the census bureau’s 2015 County Business Patterns program. After that they then picked out the metro areas with the lowest count of these businesses. I didn’t check the numbers, but according to the Business Insider, Pittsfield has 213 full service restaurants, 22 bars, 8 museums and 65 hotels.

Now if you think that doesn’t sound right... you may have an argument. According to the publication, the city’s population is 127,671. That’s only off by about 82,000 or so. That being said, maybe it was a misprint. I can't say. The other numbers could be 100 percent accurate, but if the population number given is any indication… I’m just saying. If you follow along the entire report and check out the numbers, I guess you might understand why Pittsfield was selected. However for every one person that agrees with this assessment, there are probably two or three who would disagree. What do you think?