If you have never attended the Veterans Day ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park off of South Street in Pittsfield, you really do owe it to yourself to make a visit to this really beautiful tribute to the veterans that fought in defense of our country. If you are not into crowds, it's okay. Just take a walk up there sometime like I did today, and take in the wonderful tributes that are on display there. It's beautiful and quite emotional.

I also urge you to take the time to read all the monuments that are there. It's really incredible to stand in the middle of this amazing park that was built back in 1926 and is still being added to today. Each year, the name of the Veteran of the Year is added to a pair of handsomely crafted benches. The first bench lists those honored from 2001 to 2015, and the second bench honors those from 2016 to the present. The 2021 Veteran of the Year was Robert J. Dassat.

On a rainy day like this day that I took these photos you are about to look at, the park had a bit of somber feeling, but the monuments also glistened with the sunlight bouncing off the droplets of rain on each.

This year's Veterans Day Ceremony is coming up on November 11th... and it's a good chance to get there and experience these images in person as part of a meaningful day. Or just take any day to bring the family along to see some history and to remember the veterans for whom this park was built.

12 Images Of The Amazing Veterans Memorial Park In Pittsfield


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