Update: Multiple sources have confirmed that the issue has been resolved. There still, however, could be some glitches in the system, as you may have seen by the emergency text alerts that have been sent. 

According to a release from The Berkshire County Sheriff's Office and the Massachusetts State Police 911 calls from a landline phone to a 911 Emergency Dispatch Center are not working at this time.

911 calls from cell phones are being routed to the appropriate Emergency Dispatch Centers in the commonwealth, still unsure of the reliability.

If you're in need of emergency assistance and do not have access to a cell phone, please call or head to a local police or fire station.

Pittsfield Police - 448-9700
Pittsfield Fire - 448-9764
North Adams Police - 664-4945
North Adams Police - 662-3103
Adams Police - 743-1212
Adams Fire - 743-0179
Lanesboro Police - 443-4107
Lanesboro Fire - 443-2321
Williamstown Police - 458-5733
Williamstown Fire - 458-8113
Lenox Police - 637-2346
Lenox Fire - 637-2345
Great Barrington Police - 528-0306
Great Barrington Fire - 528-0788
Lee Police & Fire - 243-2100

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