A local photographer expresses his love for nature through his work, and it happens to be on display virtually.   

According to the Laurel Hill Association, photographer Bruce Panock’ s work is on display in a virtual exhibit at the Artists on Nature.  

Panock lives in the Berkshires and he began his exploration with photography over 20 years ago through various courses and a great deal of self-study. As evidenced by his photographs, he has developed a strong connection to the landscape and our relationship to it.  

'Windblown' via Laurel Hill Association
'Windblown' via Laurel Hill Association

Panock says that Abstract, Surrealist, and Abstract Expressionist artists also have a particular influence on his work.  

The woods are where I go to clear my head, to find peace, to meditate. Nature provides me ways to express what is important to me.


The exhibit launched on July 27th and run until September 27th. 

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Laurel Hill began in 1853 with the goal of enhancing what is called the natural beauty of Stockbridge. A media release says that its mission is to “do such things as shall serve to improve the quality of life and of the environment in the town of Stockbridge.”  

The association says that the arts have been important to its role from the beginning so that melding art and nature is a natural expression of its mission.  

Panock’s work is the first virtual gallery presentation and Laurel Hill says it is hoping that an online forum of artists who are informed by nature will foster greater awareness of the power of nature as a source of inspiration as well as the importance of protecting our natural resources.  

The forum is meant to educate and create a greater connection to the community 

Check out Bruce Panock’s work in the virtual gallery, HERE.

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