An investigation continues into the cause of a porch fire that occurred yesterday afternoon in southern Berkshire county at The Christian Hill Common Complex on Christian Hill Road in Great Barrington. The good news is there were NO fatalities reported as the occupant of the damaged apartment suffered minor, non-threatening injuries as a major tragedy was averted.

Firefighters from Monterey were able to rescue a cat from the burning apartment and other felines were retrieved from neighboring units. Fire damage was contained to the sole apartment that was consumed by flames as it was extinguished within 20 minutes. The Red Cross was summoned to offer immediate alternate shelter to other tenants who were displaced by the blaze.

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Fire departments from Great Barrington were assisted by neighboring Monterey, Sheffield, Egremont, Sheffield and Lee as they also responded immediately to the scene. Members of Lenox's The Rapid Intervention Team, Southern Berkshire Ambulance and National Grid also were on scene.

It was reported that one resident was transported to Fairview Hospital for minor injuries. Deputy Fire Chief James Mead commented on the quick action that averted a disaster:

"I am very proud of our firefighters for making such a calculated and quick stop with very limited manpower initially. It was their quick work and the assistance of the Great Barrington Police Department that limited the devastation that this fire had the potential of. I would also like to express my sympathy to the resident who was injured and lost many of her belongings today".

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