On October 12th, authorities were called to the scene of a Longmeadow, Massachusetts residence as they answered a call for a possible eviction. Upon arrival, the police were greeted by a Hadley woman who was dressed in a bee keeper's suit as they were unaware of her intentions. 55 year old Susan Woods arrived at the premises in a SUV with a trailer behind that was riddled with bee hives and I think you know what happens afterwards. The scene was NOT a pretty one if you ask me.

Honey bee-yellow-800

Woods allegedly broke the cover of one beehive and a swarm of bees exited as they permeated outside the property and went on a rampage as they stung some of the officers at the residence of Alton King who was subject to being thrown out of his property for reasons that are still unknown.

It was discovered that one deputy and two other police officers had a negative reaction during the attack. Woods responded with the following words:

"Oh you're allergic? Good"

She was taken into custody after being handcuffed and now faces multiple charges of assault and battery. Hampden County Sheriff Nick Cocchi also arrived on scene after the impending arrest was made as he commented further on this bizarre incident:

"We had one staff member go to the hospital and luckily, he was alright".

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Sheriff Woods reiterated if anything worse occurred, Woods would have faced additional charges that would've been serious in nature. He added the police officers were simply performing their duty when responding to the residence as King is fighting the allegations after presenting an evidence of a bankruptcy stay in court on the following day. They are perplexed as to why this all began in the first place as it is unclear how Woods played a role in this incident as an investigation into this "stinging" situation continues.

(Some information and quotations from this article courtesy of The Berkshire Eagle)

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