I was approached with an idea on how to get some members in our community to stop by our south county location and witness first hand our day-to-day operations here in Great Barrington. The end result proved to be both informative and entertaining for those in attendance as members of The Cadmus Life Sharing Association stopped by for a quick visit and the end result proved to be successful for all involved.

Co-workers Anna Pfeiffer, Deb Hertzel-Curran and Roxanne Campbell brought a few of their day program participants including Cindy Schuyler, Laurie Sunderland, matt Pendergist and Iris Christenson. They asked a series of questions about our operation and I detected a curiosity factor which was a good thing in my eyes as their interest was present and accounted for during their time spent on Stockbridge Road.

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With total support from co-workers, the program gears these individuals towards great independent living as they also engage in social gatherings throughout our community. They live in beautiful residential homes throughout Great Barrington and surrounding hamlets and operate within a family structure as they're aligned with fellow members of NAC (The North American council which brings attention to anthroposophical curative education and social therapy).

They also access heavy participation in the arts plus outdoor activities which include hiking, swimming, volunteering, cooking, horticultural pursuits and exploring trails all across the beautiful Berkshires. The possibilities are endless

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Cadmus is integrated with other LOCAL organizations including Berkshire South Regional Community Center, Blue Rider Stables, CATA (Community Access To The Arts) and Extra Special Teas, Horse Works in Richmond and Off The Shelf in New Marlborough. Many of their members also attend services and are active at The Christ Trinity Church in Sheffield.

Cadmus Director Joe Harris is instrumental in organizing special events and various outreach programs. To learn more about this community based organization, log on to their web site and LIKE their Facebook page plus you can view some impressive photos of their daily regimen on Instagram.

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Again, a big thank you to ALL participants and co-workers who brightened my day while stopping by our studios as they got a first hand look at the daily operational function of a LOCAL radio station. It was such a joy to have you on board.

(Background information and photos provided by Cadmus co-worker Deb Hertzel-Curran for on-air and on-line usage)

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