If you were wondering why you haven't seen CBS 6 anchor Anne McCloy on the small screen it is because she has abruptly left her post due to personal issues. McCloy tag teamed with Greg Floyd during the 5, 5:30 and 6 pm broadcasts as Berkshire viewers were wondering why veteran Liz Bishop was in her place. Here is the scoop regarding her abrupt departure in mid-May:

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(Photo of Anne McCloy courtesy of her Facebook page)

Earlier this year, Anne decided to take a leave of absence from WRGB as she gives us a first hand look as to why she stepped down, but her impending return in the spring abruptly changed. Here is a video explaining her reasons to walk away from a career that began at a Phoenix, Arizona TV station and ended here in our viewing area as channel 6 has experienced another major void in local news:

(Video of Anne McCloy courtesy of her Facebook page)

Her resignation took effect immediately. This is a feeling of "deja vu" as the Capital Region's "Lois Lane" Heather Kovar decided to end her stay at the upstate New York based Sinclair affiliate in 2022. We truly miss her each and every day as she recently headed back home to her native Texas and has finally returned to the anchor desk manning weekend evenings (not mornings) at KBTX-TV (channel 3, another CBS affiliate).

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(Greg Floyd & Anne McCloy: Photo courtesy of her Facebook page)

Anne and Greg Floyd off the set as they did make a dynamic team on the air. McCloy will NOT pursue another opportunity in television as she is re-evaluating her future by looking at a career move that will tip the scales in her favor. She does NOT want to be a newscaster as her aim is to slow down and the daily pressures of the job demands she put on herself turned out to be an unhealthy mix. It's now about Anne McCloy, the person, NOT Anne McCloy the newscaster.

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CBS 6 viewers in the Berkshires will miss her presence on the small screen as Anne has covered hard hitting stories in New York's capital city and her compelling stories during the COVID-19 pandemic truly excelled in more ways than one. Those contributions will continue to resonate with her loyal viewing audience.

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CBS 6 Vice-President and General Manager, Robert Croteau commented on McCloy's sudden departure:

"We are certainly sad to see Anne go, but I understand and support her reasons. For the last 8 years, she has been a valued member of our team and her presence in our newsroom will certainly be missed"

We will keep you posted on Anne's upcoming journey in life.

(Some information obtained in this article courtesy of www.timesunion.com)

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