For the 30th year in a row, the Baker-Polito Administration is offering state residents and visitors with the opportunity to explore the great outdoors through the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s First Week Hikes program in celebration of the start of the New Year.

An alternative to the traditional First Day Hikes, First Week Hikes encourage visitors to enjoy outdoor activities on their own throughout the first week of the New Year, Friday, January 1st, 2021 to Friday, January 8th, 2021. This year, DCR celebrates 30 years of this tradition in the Commonwealth. Additionally, it marks 10 years that all 50 states have adopted this happy, healthy New Year’s tradition.

First Day Hikes are a time honored tradition for many people across the Commonwealth, with thousands of visitors ringing in the New Year with a hike in a state park… It is with pleasure that the tradition continues and we are pleased to offer safe, healthy, recreational opportunities through these First Week Hikes. ~ Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Kathleen Theoharides


Historically, First Day Hikes are popular adventures guided by DCR staff. In an effort to provide residents and visitors with outdoor recreation opportunities for the New Year in a safe manner during the COVID-19 pandemic, DCR will implement the following changes for this year. The changes include:

  • Extending the traditional one-day hike to any day or multiple visits during First Week 2021 to prevent crowds forming at parks;
  • Introducing self-guided adventures to encourage social distancing in place of guided offerings, for a list of recommendations visit the DCR website.

Ahead of an adventure outdoors, watch the DCR First Week Hike video here and see the following guidance:

(Video via the MassDCR YouTube channel)

  • Pick a local park near you, not necessarily a state park;
  • Print or download a trail map;
  • Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately;
  • Keep your hike short and safe;
  • Be flexible – if a park is busy, visit another park or return at a later time; and,
  • Return to your car by 4:30PM before the sun sets;

DCR asks visitors to park in designated areas only, if a parking lot is full come back another time. Many visitor centers remain closed. However, restrooms or porta-johns within many DCR parks remain open. Dogs are to be on leash in state parks unless signage designates otherwise. Dogs are not permitted on DCR Water Supply Protection areas. To find a dog-friendly park, visit the DCR website.

DCR offers some general guidance for visitors to follow when visiting state parks: 

  • If a facility or park is crowded, please consider leaving the area and either visiting a different location or returning at a later date or time (typically state parks are less busy during the week and/or early in the morning); 
  • Follow posted rules, such as “carry in, carry out” trash policies and posted parking restrictions; 
  • Stay within solitary or small groups, and avoid gatherings of ten or more people; 
  • Practice social distancing of at least six feet between individuals;
  • Wear a facial mask or covering in public;
  • Practice healthy personal hygiene, such as handwashing for at least 20 seconds;
  • Stay home if ill, over 70, and/or part of a vulnerable population.
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