What the HELL is going on in Western Massachusetts lately? Obviously, I realize that drugs are a problem all over the globe, but it just seems like there have been A LOT of drug busts recently in our end of the Bay State.

Yesterday, we reported on the Holyoke bust last week that resulted in the seizure of over 20,000 bags of heroin plus cocaine, weapons, and ammunition. Now the Massachusetts State Police are reporting on a bust yesterday, October 12, that netted over 27,000 bags of suspected heroin and fentanyl.

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Thanks to another multi-agency joint effort and a months-long heroin investigation regarding a Hampden County drug trafficking organization, a search warrant was obtained for a residence at 66 Miller Street in Springfield.

At 6 a.m. Wednesday morning, members of the Massachusetts State Police CINRET West narcotics enforcement task force, the State Police Gang Unit, the Firearms Investigations Unit of the Springfield Police Department, and the Hampden County State Police Detective Unit executed the search warrant.

Needless to say, the search on the Miller Street residence resulted in a major seizure of drugs, firearms, and cash and lead to one arrest. The suspect, 22-year-old Israel Silva-Guzman, was arrested without incident and booked on numerous firearm and drug charges.

According to the Mass State Police, the search resulted in the recovery of the following items:

  • Over 27,000 bags of suspected heroin and/or fentanyl;
  • Over 120 grams of suspected fentanyl pills;
  • Roughly 45 grams of suspected cocaine;
  • A Smith & Wesson handgun loaded with 9 .40 caliber rounds;
  • A Canik TP9sa Model 2 firearm, fully loaded, that was reported stolen in Agawam back in 2018;
  • A KCI .40 caliber 50-round capacity drum magazine loaded with 48 rounds; and
  • An as-yet-to-be-determined amount of US currency pending an official count

As I've said before, you can be sure that a certain portion of those drugs would have made their way to Berkshire County, so a big THANK YOU is in order to all of the law enforcement agencies busting their asses to combat the seemingly never-ending wave of narcotics threatening to flood our streets.

For more on the story, please visit the Mass State Police's website here.

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