Phoenix Theaters Beacon Cinema will re-open to the public on February 26th. According to a press release, the theatre plans to incorporate both CDC and local government standards on how a theatre should safely operate.

According to Cory Jacobson, owner of Phoenix Theatres, working closely with the National Association of Theatre Owners, new safety protocols for every aspect of the theatre have been put into place, among them... social distancing guidelines in all common areas and theatre auditoriums, and a requirement for employees to wear face masks and other protective equipment. Guests will also be required to wear face masks. These are just a few of the guidelines.

Jacobson says that since took root in August of 2000, the company has risen above more than its fair share of difficult challenges which are typical to small businesses. However, none of these problems have been as serious as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

This challenge was completely unexpected, and affects literally everyone in the world... We have faith in the human need to interact with one another and the art we present at the movies. It is unique to our American experience, as movies are one of our greatest cultural contributions to the world. Our business is local and very social by nature and is uniquely disadvantaged in a pandemic crisis. ~ Jacobson


Jacobson says that to take the challenge away from implementing social distancing, a new reserved seating program was installed that allows guests to select their seats in advance either on the theatre’s website or on a newly developed mobile app. The computer will automatically remove two seats between each pair sold, creating a checkerboard style pattern. This will provide six feet of separation between guests to safely social distance while watching a film.

Here is a list of the new safety protocols that have been established for every aspect of the theatre:

  • There are social distancing guidelines in all common areas and most importantly in the theatre auditoriums. The seating layout will automatically be configured within the reserved seating computer software, so that customers will not be within six feet of other guests who are not in their family group.
  • Employees are required to wear face masks and other protective equipment.
  • Guests will be required to wear face masks when moving about the theatre.
  • Transactions have been streamlined at the ticketing and concession stand to further minimize touch points.
  • A food grade disinfectant spray is being used on all seats that removes 99.99% of all viruses on surfaces within 30 seconds.
  • The disinfectant spray is also being used on high touch points throughout the building including the restrooms and concession areas.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will also be provided for customer use throughout the theatre.

To view Phoenix Theatres re-opening video plan and a complete listing of safety protocols, please visit our web site in advance at:

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