I'm not totally sure, but I think I just witness gas prices going up by another 10 cents in Pittsfield! I imagine the price in Pittsfield, being that it's central Berkshire County, that the price here reflects a large portion of the Berkshires.

Maybe I was seeing things...

In any case, I recall seeing the price for unleaded regular gas at the Cumberland Farms on First Street in Pittsfield at $3.99 while I was heading across town to pick up some food this afternoon. On my way back, 20 minutes later, the price was $4.09. Unless that is, I remembered incorrectly. The Mobil Station on South Street, again if I remembered right, went from $3.79 earlier this afternoon to $3.89 at some point. Yikes!

I also have it on good authority that the price at Cumberland Farms in North Adams was $3.99 at 12:15 PM today. By 4 PM it was $4.09.

AAA Reports a 24 cent spike this week...

AAA Northeast reported today that gas prices in Massachusetts have shot up 24 cents since Monday, so it's pretty obvious that we are in for a rough ride. They say that the price is the highest since October of 2012 and the highest one-week jump since September of 2017. Today’s price is 45 cents higher than a month ago ($3.41), and $1.20 higher than March 4, 2021 ($2.66). Massachusetts’s average gas price is 3 cents higher than the national average. Take this afternoon's jump into consideration and the spike this week has been nearly 35 cents!


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The Ukraine Invasion is certainly at the heart of the spike. AAA says:

The price of crude oil started today at over $111 per barrel due to the invasion of Ukraine, and will likely increase with continuing conflict... Improving weather will lead to more driving, increased gasoline demand, and higher prices. Pain at the pump could continue for weeks or months to come. ~ Mary Maguire, Director of Public/Government Affairs for AAA Northeast


I expect that the price at the pump is going to drive up prices on everything else. It's basic supply and demand (I think). Makes sense to me that if it cost more to transport food to the grocery store that the consumer will have to pay more to offset that cost.

Strap in. It's gonna be a bumpy ride!


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