What's there not to love about the Berkshires? We have great scenery, art, culture, live music, and the joy of experiencing the four seasons to their fullest. Speaking of the four seasons, one aspect of Berkshire County that can keep you on your toes is the weather. We've mentioned the saying before "if you don't like the weather in the Berkshires, just wait 10 minutes." There's no doubt that Berkshire County weather can change on a dime.

We've Seen a Mixed Bag of Weather With Some Mild Temperatures as of Late

This past December has had a mix of some very cold temperatures along with a decent amount of snow but over the past couple of days, the snow has pretty much melted throughout the county thanks to some spring-like temperatures that have visited the Berkshires. I for one am not complaining. That's for sure. As a matter of fact, this Wednesday, Berkshire County will have temperatures hovering slightly below 60. Yep, I'll most likely be wearing shorts that day...lol.

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Berkshire County Residents Will Want to Cherish The Mild Temperatures

Berkshire County folks should cherish these mild temperatures because after Wednesday the temperature will drop down to the mid to upper 40s for Thursday and then the upper to mid-30s for Friday through Monday. Then back up to the lower 40s for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week according to various weather sources. Even the lower temperatures aren't that bad and are actually pretty good for January in the Berkshires. With no snowstorms in the immediate future, temperatures in the 30s and 40s are just fine with me. How about you?

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