The Berkshires is all about culture, and one of the things that sets our us apart from practically every other county in the state, is our amazing cultural sites. As the state’s economy went on lock-down Amid the novel coronavirus pandemic in late March/early April, these sites went became off-limits.

Finally, it looks as though our access to the sites that breath life into the Berkshires will finally be restored, at least to a certain degree.

A media release sent out by officials at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, says that seven of the region’s revered cultural museums, gardens, and historic sites that share a history of great estates and utopian vision—Berkshire Botanical Garden, Chesterwood, Hancock Shaker Village, Naumkeag Public Garden and Historic Home, Norman Rockwell Museum, the Tanglewood grounds, and The Mount, Edith Wharton’s Home—are announcing their plans to welcome visitors for the summer.

 Located within a few minutes’ drive of each other, tucked into a scenic corner of the central and southern Berkshires, many of these great manors, properties, and historic communities reveal centuries-old stories and important cultural contributions.

Sharing the distinctions of noted tourism destinations, these attractions offer art, history, nature, and culture, with extraordinary outdoor experiences in wide-open natural beauty, perfect for exploring from safe social distances.

Upon Governor Baker’s announcement reopening the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for public business, these beloved cultural treasures hold promise for a rejuvenating and uplifting healthy summer season in the Berkshires, even though we have seen the  cancellation of many of the region’s performing art seasons due to restrictions amid the pandemic.

The venues that will open can offer visitors acres of outside grounds and are dedicated to creating fun and safe experiences while following state and federal guidelines.

For more information on COVID-19 and the state's reopening, CLICK HERE.

Each property is reopening in unique and individual ways, inviting visitors to start outdoors. Please visit each institution's website for guidance and specific instructions.

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