The Berkshire District Attorney’s Office is enhancing services to victims of crime with the help of two state grants.

The Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance awarded the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office Victim of Crimes Act funding totaling $166,254 and Human Trafficking Trust Fund grant funding totaling $15,000 to further support and protect the rights afforded to victims of crime and their families.

District Attorney Andrea Harrington says that victims and their families deserve respect…

Victims and their families deserve to be treated with compassion, dignity, respect, and deserve a meaningful role in the criminal justice system. Our victim witness advocates are building trust in the community every day.


The Berkshire District Attorney’s Office applied for and won a $166,254 Victims of Crime Act funding toprovide additional direct support to victims and witnesses. The grant allocates funding for travel and accommodations for families who wish to exercise their rights in attending court dates where they are not required to testify.

The Berkshire District Attorney’s Office also applied for and won $15,000 from the Human Trafficking Trust Fund for direct services to victims of human trafficking. The funds will provide victims of human trafficking the essentials to stabilize in the areas of transportation, housing assistance, food assistance, and more.

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