Hazy Skies in the Berkshires today could have to do with the wildfires that are burning in the western U.S. It seems unbelievable, but according to AccuWeather forecasters, that could indeed be the case. 

Forecasters say that with nearly 120 wildfires burning across the western United States as of Monday, and 60 of those considered by the U.S. Forest Service to be large and uncontained, heavy smoke enveloped parts of at least six states. And as fires continued to burn, the Midwest and Northeast were beginning to see some impacts from the dangerous flames scorching the other half of the country. 

We have been waiting for the rain and humidity to move out of the Northeast. That will be happening, but residents may still not see clear skies above just yet. Wildfire smoke that is traveling in the atmosphere from the West will make its way into the Northeast this week, and in some parts of the Northeast, what could have been a sunny day today has instead been met with a hazy sky thanks to the cloud of smoke. 

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The Berkshire forecast is for “hazy sunshine” today, according to the local AccuWeather forecast. Might it be due to the wildfire particles? 

Due to the fact that smoke particles are small and light, they can be transported hundreds if not a few thousand miles away from their source... While the smoke is not thick enough to obstruct surface visibility, it is thick enough to create poor air quality in some areas and allow for vibrant sunrises and sunsets ~ AccuWeather Meteorologist Alex DaSilva



 Photo Credit: A sunset in Ledyard, IA, is seen through wildfire smoke on July 18, 2021. (Brian Burt) 


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