Now that the weather is getting warmer, Berkshire residents and our tri-state region neighbors are yearning for some quality time outdoors but with prices at the pump posing a problem for ALL motorists, there are ways to cut corners as we have a few suggestions that will be cost efficient in more ways than one. We have five locations located right here in our back yard to enjoy the benefits of our area without having to travel a long distance:


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Located at Holmes Road, just outside the city of Pittsfield, this treasured home was the permanent dwelling of author Herman Melville, best known for penning the classic novel "Moby Dick". Guided tours are being offered on a daily basis as visitors can also lace up their walking shoes as they can participate in exploring the grounds of the property's nature trail. For schedule information, give them a call at (413) 442-1793.


The Berkshires
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Hikers have been flocking to this scenic locale as they are treated to seeing the benefits of nature first hand with panoramic views of the beautiful Berkshires with a first hand look at the Housatonic River that is described as "breathtaking". Caution is encouraged as some of the trails are high in elevation but for those with experience in this outdoor hobby can navigate with kid gloves. Make sure you have a sturdy pair of hiking boots to minimize any setbacks as this can summed up as a "quintessential" day trip. You can call (413) 298-3239 for more information on the trails that suit your needs for this once in a lifetime excursion.


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Located at the junction of routes 102 and 183 in Stockbridge, it's the ideal place to take that much-needed walk to recharge and as an added bonus, experience the beautiful flora that is grown locally in western Massachusetts. The property also doubles up as a perfect learning experience for all ages as classes are offered at their education center and they also feature art exhibits at The Leonhardt Gallery. FREE guided tours are offered during the summer months as they also offer reasonably priced memberships. For more details, log on to their web site by going here.


Grant recipient, Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield
Grant recipient, Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield

This historical edifice on South Street in Pittsfield has been a crossroads of mind blowing and stimulating exhibits for over a century as their offerings include a variety of displays from the realm of history, art and science with various programs and educational activities for youngsters. You are invited to check out The Window of the World and Lab 102 along with the Berkshire Backyard and their unique Curiosity Incubator. For a complete list of offerings, log on to their web site.


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One of the north country's most popular destinations is located at The Williams College campus on Lawrence Hall Drive in Williamstown as students, local visitors and tourists are enthralled by a selection of over 14 thousand works of art and also serves as a hub to participate in LIVE performances which pertain to the realm of art and dance that encompass many eras from past to present. A complete schedule of events can be found on-line so you can plan your trip accordingly.

We will continue to offer more opportunities for all who are local and visiting our area to experience the Berkshires in a unique and timely manner as the spring and summer months are amongst us. STAY TUNED!!

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