We have reason to celebrate today in the beautiful Berkshires and all across our tri-state region as we toast "National Macaroni Day" which is observed every year on July 7th as Americas favorite "noodle" shines in the spotlight as many of us spoon up on elbow macaroni which can be cooked up in many creative ways (I don't cook, but if this is served up to me at anytime, I will clean my plate for sure!)

Young women cooking and testing the food in the kitchen.

All macaroni is being celebrated during this annual acknowledgement which is tasty in nature as both carnivores and vegetarians can celebrate this special dining moment. included in the mix: Macaroni salad, macaroni casserole, macaroni served plain with salt and melted butter and everybody's all-time favorite: Macaroni and Cheese (or as they say now Mac & Cheese, but being I'm a traditionalist, I'll refer to this the old fashioned way, thank you very much!)

Spaghetti & Meatballs

This dish can be eaten hot or cold whichever you prefer, but the end result will have you spooning up a second helping and you can either choose between these many options including bow tie, penne pasta, rotini, rigatoni, fusilli, orzo, paccheri and cavatelli just to name a few. Spaghetti truly does not fall amidst this momentous occasion as that type of pasta has it's own day (January 4th) but a serving that includes meatballs is also acceptable in my books at any time.

Dmitry Kalinovsky

So save a spot at the table during lunch or dinner and serve yourself a major helping of macaroni as we pay homage to recognizing the fundamentals of traditional Italian cuisine and the true traditions that accompany this "tasty" day. BUON APPETIT!

(some background information on this article courtesy of the web sites www.happydays365.com and www.allrecipes.com)

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