You probably will not be needing to prep your snow blower for another winter blast anytime soon, but you may want to take out your snow shovel and have a bag of salt ready this weekend. We have an unseasonably cold and snowy forecast ahead.

The northeastern U.S. is about to get a cold spring farewell from winter, and the Berkshires may be looking at some potential snow.

Forecaster’s at the National Weather Service in Albany say that the polar vortex could bring a rare May snowfall and some accompanying record-low temperatures to some areas over the Mother’s Day weekend.

Forecasters say that a low-pressure system off the coast of southern New England is pulling cold air down from the north.

Forecasters are predicting as much as 2 inches of snow in the Berkshire Mountains tonight into Saturday. Snow in May is in fact a rare occurrence, as Massachusetts has not had measurable snow during the month since 2002.

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