Recent times haven't exactly been easy for any local business. It's always a sad thing to see for anyone throughout the community. Today (January 25th), another local business in the Berkshires has announced that they will be closing their doors.

An entertainment industry that has been hit hard, especially in the recent years due to the pandemic, has been movie theaters. Unfortunately, a local theater has been become to victim to this up in North Adams. The North Adams Movieplex 8 made the announcement on their social media that they will be closing indefinitely on January 31st of this year.

The comments on social media have mainly been those throughout the community saying how sad they are about the closure and how appreciative they have been for the movie theater being such a great outlet for so many.

Movie theaters essentially everywhere have also seen better days prior to recent years. There are several factors for this. Just to name a couple, some individuals have been apprehensive of being in theaters around others, which has also had a hand in the emergence of the streaming medium being bigger than ever.

Not only have streaming services been putting out more and more of their own original content, but some tend to put up new movies simultaneously as they are released in theaters. HBO Max was the first main example of this when it was done with several movies produced by Warner Bros. Other streaming services soon followed suit as many new films can now be seen on the small screen at a few clicks of a remote for the viewer's convenience.

In the meantime, there's still another weekend of movie showtimes posted for the upcoming weekend before the closure of North Adams Movieplex 8. Catch a flick there while you still can!

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