This question is for you lovers of all things Disney-related out there or perhaps those of you who L-U-V the Disney Princesses. Which Princess(and Prince for that matter) do you think is the most popular in the state of Massachusetts?

Everyone of course has their opinion(and is entitled to it!) of who they think is the best Disney princess of all time, but do you think the rest of the Bay State shares your opinion?

Shane Co, the largest privately-owned jeweler in the US, put together a ranking(in honor of National Princess Day which is this Friday, November 18th) by using online search data to figure out and determine the most popular Disney prince and princess in every US state.

Now, the picture at the top of the page features the Little Mermaid(Ariel of course!). Overall, she was the popular favorite. Ariel was the most searched-for Disney princess in 26 states! Really, it wasn't even close. But hang on. Massachusetts was NOT one of those states.

Any guesses? Anyone? Snow White? Nope. Pocahontas? Sorry. The most popular Disney princess in Massachusetts is Aladdin's sweetheart, Jasmine. She was also the popular choice in a few other states including New York and Rhode Island.

Wait! Don't go anywhere yet. We can't forget about the Prince now, can we? And I would love to tell you that Aladdin was Massachusett's choice to go along with Jasmine, but that would not be correct. The most popular Disney prince in the Commonwealth is Prince Eric who happens to be the Little Mermaid's main squeeze.

Prince Eric was the fan-favorite in 6 other states as well, including three here in New England. Those states would be New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. For more stats and facts from the study, visit Shane Co's website here.

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