Anybody who knows me, Berkshire County friends and neighbors, knows that I LOVE music! I'm talking music in all its forms and genres from soul and blues to country, pop, jazz, and hip-hop.

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I'd have to say that my favorite music genre though is...CLASSIC ROCK. Probably because what is considered "classic" rock nowadays is simply the music I grew up listening to. And whether it is Queen, ZZ Top, Styx, Led Zeppelin, the WHO, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, or Van Halen, I say, "Give me more...and make it LOUD!"

Just for fun,, the experts at helping you sell your life insurance policy simply and quickly, wanted to determine which rock bands were the most popular in each state across the country. They did this by analyzing online search volume data.

Some of the results were not surprising whatsoever, while others were very surprising indeed. For instance, falling under the "not surprising" category, ZZ Top, that "little ole band from Texas" was the most popular search in the Lone Star State.

Following that stream of logic, you might think that Aerosmith, the Cars, or the J. Geils Band (bands that started out or first gained attention in the Commonwealth) would be the most popular searches for Massachusetts but you'd be wrong.

The most searched-for rock band in Massachusetts? Here's a hint: The band formed in 1962, had their first big hit in 1965, and they're still performing today. If you guessed the Rolling Stones, congratulations! That is 100% correct. What some people (including myself) have called the "world's greatest rock & roll band" is the most popular rock group in the Bay State.

Some other interesting stats from Sell Easy's report: The most searched classic rock bands across the country overall are Guns 'N Roses and Van Halen with 5 states each. Two other bands tied for second place with 4 states each, Queen and ZZ Top. In third place is the Doobie Brothers with 3 states.

If you're a classic rock lover, it is worth checking out the full rankings on Sell Easy's website here.

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