Twice since the COVID-19 pandemic began, I have been guilty of being late on having my vehicles inspected. The first time was in late 2020 when I had my wife's vehicle inspected in Pittsfield. That was late by oh, only three months. Then I had my vehicle inspected this past August which was about two months late. I could use the pandemic as an excuse but in reality, I had to just open my eyes and pay attention. Luckily, the folks inspecting the vehicles didn't say anything to me. How embarrassing. More importantly, I didn't get pulled over.

Luckily, on both occasions, each vehicle passed inspection. During one of the inspections, the technician went ahead and installed new windshield wipers on my vehicle without question. I thought to myself, well that was nice of him, one less thing for me to worry about. One thing I didn't think of at the moment is that in Massachusetts, your vehicle can fail inspection if your windshield wipers are worn out. I remember years ago, a friend of mine whose vehicle failed inspection due to this very reason. This makes sense as wipers are needed to clear off rain and snow. Safety first. Actually, if you are interested in wiper and windshield laws in Massachusetts you can inspect (see what I did there) Massachusetts Vehicle Check.

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Hopefully, your mechanics are as nice as mine (we have plenty of top-notch ones in Berkshire County) and if they see worn-out wipers on your vehicle during an inspection, they'll just go ahead and automatically replace them for you. Who would want to receive a big red R on the bottom of their windshield all because of beat wipers?

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