Maybe the third time will be a charm? A third straight game has been postponed for the Boston Celtics due to COVID-19 issues. NBA insider for ESPN, Adrian Wojnarowski reported around 2 PM Tuesday afternoon that Wednesday’s game with the Orlando Magic in Boston has been postponed. The teams were scheduled for back-to-back games, the first in Boston Wednesday night and the second also in Boston on Friday night. There is no word yet about the status of Friday night’s game.


Shortly after the Wojnarowski tweet, the Celtics followed up with a tweet of their own...


The Celtics/Magic game postponement is the latest bad news to hit the NBA related to the coronavirus pandemic in recent days. The league has now postponed four games since Sunday, three involving the Celtics, because of the virus situation among some teams. reports that according to a news release from league officials, because of testing and contact tracing within the Celtics, the team does not have the league-required eight available players to proceed with tomorrow’s game against Orlando.

The Celtics have eight players listed as out right now because of league protocols and have now seen three of their games postponed this week.

NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver warned before the start of the season that issues would be “inevitable” playing during a pandemic. The NBA says that currently, it is not considering pausing the season.

The Celtics next game is scheduled for Friday against the Magic in Boston. After that, the Knicks are scheduled to be in town on Sunday afternoon. We’ll see how things go.

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