One of the many things I love about the Berkshires is the selection of restaurants we have to choose from. Many of the locally-owned eateries certainly outshine what the big-name restaurants provide. There's no doubt that having local restaurants and keeping business in the Berkshires is what makes our county thrive. Heck, we even have our own local currency, BerkShares. 

With all of that said, some of us have a couple of bigger chain restaurants that we would like to see in the Berkshires. Several years ago when I lived in Lee and worked a more normal shift, my wife and I would take trips to Holyoke/West Springfield/Springfield every now and then. We would stop off at the Holyoke Mall, do some shopping then grab a bite to eat either at the mall or hop over to Riverdale Street to choose from the variety of restaurants that we don't have in the Berkshires.

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Again, I would never want to see any of our local restaurants get bumped for a big chain but it is fun to fantasize about having some restaurants that we don't normally have easy access to here in Berkshire County. Curious about what other local people would like to see in the Berkshires in terms of restaurants, I asked the following question on Facebook:

What restaurant would you like to see in the Berkshires?

I received some great feedback with one of the recurring answers being more local places. People also wished for a wider variety of ethnic foods, Italian options, medium-priced restaurants along with the return of Jimmy's, The Dakota, Country Charm, and Bonanza to name a few.

There were tons of answers and comments. For now, we are sharing with you 10 big-name restaurants on people's wish lists for Berkshire County. Over time, we'll include all of the responses. Let's take a look at what else people want to eat in the Berkshires.

10 Big-Name Restaurants People Would Like to See in Berkshire County

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