It seems lately that members of our local law enforcement seem to find more and more illegal contraband in our neck of the woods here in Berkshire County. Case in point: Two people were arrested Thursday morning after South County police found a whole mess of narcotics in their vehicle.

According to a media statement from the Great Barrington Police Department, at approximately 9 a.m. on Thursday morning, February 9, Officer Samuel Stolzar happened to notice the subject of an active warrant from Berkshire Superior Court sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle parked in a parking lot off Park Street in Housatonic.

The subject of the warrant, Tiahmarie Anes-Gary, age 24, of Great Barrington, was arrested after a short investigation during which Officer Stolzar noticed a plastic bag containing a large number of prescription pills and other drug paraphernalia sitting in plain sight.

Subsequently, the driver, Jonah Christianson, age 27, of Great Barrington, was detained and eventually arrested. While searching the vehicle, officers recovered six grams of cocaine, 105 prescription pills, several empty bags of heroin, and a digital scale.

Both Christianson and Anes-Gary are being charged with the following:

  • Possession of Class A Drug
  • Possession of Class B Drug
  • Possession to Distribute Class B Drug
  • Possession to Distribute Class E Drug

After both parties were booked at the Great Barrington Police Department, Christianson was then taken to Southern Berkshire District Court while Anes-Gary was transported to Berkshire Superior Court in Pittsfield.

For the full story, check out Great Barrington Police Department's Facebook page here.

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