When dogs find themselves on a busy highway, things don't always end up so well, but thanks to Connecticut State Troopers, a pair of highway traversing huskies are happily safe and sound. The credit doesn't all go to the troopers, however. They had a bit of help along the way.

These doggies were in danger...

Connecticut State Troopers on Wednesday were sent out to I-95 between Exit 17 and Exit 16 Southbound for a report of some dogs that were running loose on the highway. That's a scary proposition. A dog is the last thing drivers that are whizzing by are expecting to see and avoiding them quickly could not only end up deadly for the dogs but also an accident could have easily occurred with who knows how many vehicles.


According to the post on the Connecticut State Police Facebook page, Trooper Jacabacci was first on the scene and found two Huskies that were laying on the right shoulder underneath the shade. That was a stroke of luck, as Trooper Jacabacci was able to lure the first Husky by offering him a protein snack that he had in his cruiser. He was able to get the dog safely into the backseat of the vehicle.


Connecticut State Police
Connecticut State Police
(Above: One of the Huskies, lured into the CSP cruiser with a protein bar)
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 A foot chase with Husky #2...

According to the post, the second Husky ran off and then across I-95 southbound and over the median twice until she got off Exit 16, entering several yards of the homes that were off the exit. That's when some help came along.


A couple more Connecticut State Troopers, a Department of Motor Vehicles Officer, a UCONN Officer, and members of the Norwalk Police Department followed the Husky on foot. They were able to track the animal down in the parking lot of a sandwich shop. There a civilian helped to get the Husky into a crate.


Connecticut State Police
Connecticut State Police

(Above: Husky number 2 led police on a bit of a foot chase before ending up in this doggie crate)

The Happy ending...

Both of the Huskies, with the help of these fine officers (and a civilian), are safe, and uninjured. Both as of the posting were in the custody of Norwalk Animal Control. Kudos to all who were involved in getting these pups to safety!

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