I think this Dunkin’ thing is getting a bit out of hand.  Sure Dunkin’ has marketed itself brilliantly over the years.  People refer to Dunkin’ as if their coffee was just as important as oxygen.  If you can get a consumer base that is dedicated to your product you are doing a brilliant marketing job.  Of course, you also have to back it up with great products as well.

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Sure, I enjoy Dunkin’ coffee and an occasional breakfast sandwich, especially when they carried a vegan option to sausage which unfortunately for those concerned about the inhumane treatment of animals they no longer carry. But I digress.

Growing up in Massachusetts I’ve watched this local Mass start-up grow and spread into a giant in the coffee industry across the country.  There are over 9,000 Dunk locations in close to 3,000 cities and in 45 states and territories in the U.S. according to the data company ScrapeHero.

The oddity I have now with the Dunkin’ brand is the licensing of products that don’t have anything to do with coffee, donuts, or any type of food or beverage.  According to an online report in the business section of CNN, e.l.f Cosmetics has collaborated with Dunkin’ and is releasing a line of cosmetics inspired by Dunkin’ coffee and donuts.

I don’t wear makeup so out of ignorance I could be totally off base.  Maybe it’s a thing, or soon to be a thing.  Maybe women do want to smell like a jelly donut or like a hazelnut latte.  According to the CNN piece e.l.f has partnered with food brands to sell makeup in the past.  They partnered with Chipotle last year for a makeup collection inspired by menu items from that chain.

According to CNN some of the Dunkin-inspired items e.l.f will offer include an eyeshadow palette that looks like an assortment of donuts, coffee-scented lip gloss, straw-like cosmetic brushes, even a makeup sponge that looks like a strawberry-frosted donut. For those interested, you can get more information at elfcosmetics.com. Products will run between $6 to $16 according to the CNN article.

For the diehard Dunkin’ fans that will eat this up, or more specifically smear it on their lips and face, I am happy to report that e.l.f Cosmetics produces vegan and cruelty-free products.

With Dunkin’ being one of the strongest brands in the country I am already looking forward to the next odd partnership.  Maybe Dunkin’ inspired motor oil for your car.  Then you and your SUV can both Run on Dunkin’.

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