The Boston Bruins have apparently hung up their skates until after the Christmas holiday. The National Hockey League, in a media release over the weekend, said that due to concern for a rising number of positive COVID-19 cases and the potential for continued COVID spread in the coming days, the Bruins and the Nashville Predators will be postponing their seasons until at least through the scheduled completion of the League’s Holiday Break-in the schedule on Dec. 26th.

A joint decision to halt the season temporarily...

The decision to pause the season was made by the medical groups of the NHL, the NHLPA, and two clubs themselves. The League is in the process of reviewing and revising its regular-season schedule. So, there could certainly be more postponements or shifting of the schedule ahead.

Four Bruins games were affected...

Two Bruins games have already been skipped. Those being the Dec. 18th game at Montreal and the Dec. 19th game at Ottawa. Two more games are, at this point, being postponed. Those are the Dec. 21st match-up with the Carolina Hurricanes and the Dec. 23rd game with the Colorado Avalanche. The Predators’ postponed games include their game that was supposed to be played on Dec. 19th at Carolina - as well as upcoming games on Dec. 21st vs. Winnipeg and Dec. 23rd at Florida.

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Protocols have been and will be followed...

The league says that the organizations have followed, and will continue to follow, all recommended guidelines aimed at protecting the health and safety of their players, staff, and communities at large as set by the NHL, local, state/provincial, and federal agencies.

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At this point, there have been no postponements to the Celtics or Patriots seasons, but we will certainly let you know of any changes as we are made aware of them.

You can see the 1420 WBEC schedule of upcoming games, HERE.


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