Here's a stupid question, Massachusetts residents: Who doesn't love a tax-free weekend? I mean, c'mon! Huge savings on plenty of personal retail items by not having to pay that 6.25% sales tax? You can't beat it!

Plenty of folks I know that have some big items on their wish lists to purchase will wait months for tax-free weekend to roll around just to take advantage of those two days of savings. Why wouldn't you, right?

Finally, the Massachusetts State Legislature decided which weekend it would fall on for 2024. Mark those calendars! Tax-free weekend will fall on Saturday and Sunday, August 10th and 11th.

That means that most retail items of up to $2,500, purchased for personal use on those two days, will be exempt from the state's 6.25% sales tax. This exemption only applies to items bought for personal use by residents.

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The sales tax holiday DOES NOT apply to purchases by businesses or people for business use.Those purchases remain taxable. Keep reading for a more detailed list and start making your list now so you'll be ready when that weekend rolls around.

Some Retail Items That Are Not Exempt From Sales Tax During Tax-Free Weekend:

  • Alcohol
  • Gas
  • Marijuana Products
  • Meals
  • Motor Vehicle and Motorboats
  • Telecommunications Services
  • Tobacco Products, and
  • Any single item that costs more than $2,500

For more on the story, visit the Massachusetts State Legislature's website here. And get ready for the tax-free savings during the weekend of August 10th and 11th!

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