The Pittsfield City Council's Ordinance and Rules subcommittee has voted to recommend removing the parking kiosks from the newly constructed Summer Street lot and return it to free 90-minute spaces. reports that it is urging the administration, however, to bring back the original consultant to do an updated analysis of the parking meter plan. The recommendation comes after the city demolished the Columbus Avenue parking garage and built a surface lot in its place.

 Councilor at Large Peter White, joined by Nicholas Caccamo, who first suggested bringing back a consultant, and Melissa Mazzeo are in support of taking a new look at it.
Requests were made for the mayor to bring back Nelson Nygaard, the consultant who first drafted the parking management plan in 2014, to take a fresh, independent look at the changes since the implementation and develop updated plans for the entire system.
Councilors Krol and Donna Todd Rivers felt a six-month process with a consultant, which comes at a financial cost, is unneeded.
Krol said.

I'm not convinced we need a consultant on this one. I think there are some common sense changes we can make.

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