The scenery of summer is grand. We are all drawn to it. Who doesn’t want to look out the window on a beautiful sunny day? Kids too are attracted to what windows can offer – sun on their face, a breath of fresh air, and curiosity about what's going on out there. While, windows are meant to be enjoyed, there are some dangers that you should be aware of in regards to small children. 

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health reminds you that taking some basic precautions can help to keep your kids safe and having a happy summer.  

This is the fourth in a four-part series of articles with safety tips from the Department of Public Health to help you and your little ones stay safe this summer.  

In this edition, we are looking at Window Safety: 

Falls are the leading cause of injury to children and falls from windows involving young children are especially serious. Window falls are preventable. Screens are not strong enough to protect children from falling out of windows. To prevent window falls, parents and caregivers should: 

  • Keep furniture – and anything a child can climb on – away from windows. 
  • Open windows from the top, not the bottom, when possible and lock all unopened doors and windows. 
  • Be sure children are always supervised. 
  • Install quick-release window guards which can be found in most hardware stores. 

To learn more about childhood injury prevention, visit the DPH injury prevention and control program website. 

Additional tips on preventing falls among children can be found on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fall prevention website. 

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Now... let’s all have a safe and happy summer! 

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