Pittsfield Police have apprehended an inmate that escaped the custody of the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Department on Monday while being released from medical treatment at Berkshire Medical Center. 33-year-old Harry Chandler Jr. has been on the run and the subject of a city-wide manhunt since his escape on Monday.

Chandler was at BMC receiving treatment for infection in his hands. He reportedly overpowered the one officer that was with him at the time of his release from BMC.

Harry Chandler Jr.

During a press conference from the Sheriff’s Office Thursday afternoon, Berkshire County Sheriff Thomas Bowler announced that Chandler, who is apparently a black belt in Judo, was safely and peacefully apprehended at 3 Robbin’s Avenue at approximately 2:30 Thursday afternoon based on information obtained from a tip by an informant. According to Sheriff Bowler, police had been at the residence before, as Chandler had been known to frequent the address.

You can listen to the audio of the press conference here:

You can watch the Facebook live video of the press conference HERE:

According to Sheriff Bowler, Chandler was expected to be arraigned on Friday morning.

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