Next week the Mass Department of Transportation (DOT) will start replacing exit signs on the Mass Turnpike from the Exit 1-2-3 numbering system to the nationwide mile marker numbering system.

Massachusetts is under a federal mandate to change the numbering system for all state highways.  If you are traveling east to Springfield instead of getting off at Exit 4 you will be getting off at Exit 45 (45 miles from the start of the Mass Pike from the NY border.  Coming back to the Berkshires from Springfield, to get onto U.S. 20 in Lee you will no longer be getting off the Pike at Exit 2 but Exit 10 (10 miles from the start of the Mass Pike).

The Mass Turnpike (Interstate 90) is expected to take about 4 weeks to complete the project from the Berkshires to Boston.  Work will begin at 8pm until 5am the next morning. A total of 27 exit number changes will have to be made on I-90.  However, unlike the number of exit numbers needing to be changed closer to Boston, in the Berkshires only two exits will need new signage on the Mass Pike.  Delaware and New Hampshire are the only other states currently not on the mileage-numbered system.   Both are also instituting plans to change to the system used nationally.

The entire state project is estimated to cost $2.8 million dollars and will be paid for by a grant from the Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program.  Sort of like a co-pay at your doctor, the Feds will pay for 90% of the project and the state will be responsible for the other 10%.  Click here for more information on the DOT project

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