For many music lovers, for many years, it has been a question of Beatles fans. "Who's YOUR Favorite?" Some Fab Four fans may, on any given day, offer a different answer to that very same question because true Beatles fans love them all equally, right?

Heck, every once in a while, Slater from our sister station Live 95.9, and I will get into a discussion about who's our favorite Beatle. Slater's favorite is John Lennon. What's not to love? He's the co-lead singer and co-head songwriter and plays one hell of a rhythm guitar.

My pick? Though I do cherish all of the band members, my pick was always Paul McCartney and I'll tell you the simple reason. Every solo Beatle had his share of radio hits. Some of them had brief streaks of hit singles, some had dry stretches where the hits just weren't coming. Except for Paul.

As I remind Slater whenever we have this discussion, I moved around a lot when I was a kid. I lived in more places in the first 12 years of my life than I've lived in the past 4 decades. My dad was in the navy and we were never in one place for very long.

As anyone who's been through something similar can tell you, it's never fun always being the new kid. And it's not easy, either. But no matter where I was, whether it be Hawaii, Guam, Philadelphia, or Jacksonville, Florida, I could always count on one friend being there. One familiar voice. One guy who had a hit song(or songs) on the radio in all those places. Paul McCartney.

There was an incredible stretch of years where Paul(solo or with his band Wings) always had a new hit song on the radio. And just for that reason alone, he'll always be my favorite Beatle.

And, as it turns out, most of America agrees(though I'm sure for different reasons). According to a new YouGov poll that asked 2,000 people how they feel about each band member, 43% love Paul the most.

It's not all love, though. 46% are okay with him and 9% are not fans. Oh, the remaining 2%? They are not familiar with him. Really? John Lennon was next with 34% of fan love followed by Ringo Starr with 32% saying he's their fave. Bringing up the rear was the "Quiet" Beatle, George Harrison with 31% saying they love him.

It was a pretty close contest between John, Ringo, and George when you really look at it, though. On a different day, there could have been some different results. It's a worthwhile poll to look at, especially if you're a Beatles fan. It even includes the rankings of 30 Beatles songs. Find out the 10 Most Loved by visiting the website here.

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