Companies seem to be shutting down on a regular basis lately. Retailers, banks, restaurants, and more have all shut down and continue to close stores and branches in Massachusetts. It's a sign of the times as many employees have either had to transfer to another location or have been put on unemployment altogether. Hopefully, these folks are able to land on their feet.

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A Manufacturing Company Will Be Closing its Massachusetts Location

Over 40 Massachusetts employees will be getting laid off as Functional Coastings LLC is set to shut down its Newburyport plant. The company is a maker of tape and sealing products. According to the Boston Business Journal, the Massachusetts plant will close and will be consolidated into its existing facility in Sparta, Michigan.

What is the Reason for the Upcoming Massachusetts Plant Closure? 

The reason behind the consolidation decision is "the need to optimize services to our customers" said Brian Small, head of Human Resources and Functional Coatings' parent company.

What is the Timeline for the Massachusetts Plant Closure? 

The timeline of the closure will happen in stages where 10 employees will be let go on September 6 with the final round of cuts and closure taking place on March 31, 2025. You can get more details about the layoffs and closures by going here.

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