With the Massachusetts State Primary on September 1st, whether you are voting in person or by mail, you may still not know who you are going to vote for. The last thing you want to do is go into the polling place or fill out your mail-in ballot uninformed about the candidates and what they stand for.

Here in Massachusetts, the two races that are getting the most press, besides the Presidential primary's, are the races between U.S. Representative Richard “Ritchie” Neal and his challenger, Alex Morse and one between U.S Senator Edward Markey and his challenger Joe Kennedy III.

Do you already know who you are filling in the little black circle for? If you do not, you may be interested in a resource that I recently came across. It’s called iVoterGuide. The guide gives a report on candidates, information on voting (in-person or by mail), sample ballots and other crucial information.

According to a media release from guide officials, from election dates to voter registration deadlines and polling locations, iVoterGuide has resources to help turn out 2.2 million voters across all 50 states in the 2020 primary and general elections in order to restore the principles of limited government, free enterprise and traditional American values.

The guide also claims to Providing the most comprehensive, educational information on nearly every race in the country, iVoterGuide has researched over 24,000 candidates in more than 11,000 races and offers sample ballots, voting information and candidate evaluations.

For specific Massachusetts candidate and other info, go here: https://ivoterguide.com/All-in-State/massachusetts

For more information on iVoterGuide, visit ivoterguide.com  or follow iVoterGuide on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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