The Baker-Polito Administration has announced a $774 million comprehensive plan to stabilize and grow the Massachusetts economy. According to a media release, the plan focuses on getting people back to work, supporting small businesses, fostering innovation, revitalizing downtowns, and ensuring housing stability.

Partnerships for Recovery began Thursday by directing $115 million in new funding to small businesses and Main Streets hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and for workforce training efforts.

The Administration says it is aligning multiple funding sources, both existing and proposed, to appropriately respond to the crisis. Partnerships for Recovery supports five key recovery efforts, which include getting Massachusetts back to work, supporting small businesses, revitalizing downtowns, supporting housing equity and stability, and fostering innovation.

This plan represents a comprehensive strategy to get people back to work and to support the small businesses hit the hardest by the pandemic, putting the Commonwealth on a path to recovery… By leveraging existing tools and programs and implementing new ones this plan will allow us to make critical resources and assistance to those who need it most available now. ~ Governor Charlie Baker


Lt. Governor Karyn Polito said that while they continue to combat the pandemic, the plan takes an approach that addresses key needs of the businesses in downtowns and main streets, provides housing support for vulnerable families, and opens new doors for people seeking to return to work.

There’s still more work to do…

While we acknowledge we still have a ways to go, this plan will help to jumpstart our innovation economy and position Massachusetts to be on a path for success. ~ Lt. Governor Karyn Polito


(Information for this article was provided to the Berkshire News Network via press release from the office of Gov. Charlie Baker)

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