Governor Charlie Baker signed a 1/12th interim State Budget on Friday that will keep the Massachusetts Government going through the end of July. The Governor, at the start of his media Briefing on Friday, announced that he had just signed a $5.25 Billion interim budget. This was the amount that was recommended by the State Comptroller, according to Baker.

The Governor said that this amount will allow the State Treasurer to deliver local aid payments to cities and towns in the Commonwealth. He said that the administration is looking forward to working with the State Legislature during July as some of the issues associated with fiscal 2020 and fiscal 2021 “get a little clearer” to finalize what he called a budget for the “go forward” on the rest of the year.

Gov. Baker thanked the Legislature for acting quickly in “providing some security and certainty” to people with respect to how the new year will start for the Commonwealth and its cities and towns.

The move to put the 1/12th budget in place comes as the Legislatures has not yet developed a spending plan for the entirety of fiscal 2021.

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