Over the past couple of years, the Town of Great Barrington has been hosting its annual town meeting in a drive-in style format as a way of keeping residents safe and reducing their chances of contracting COVID-19.

Great Barrington's Annual Town Meeting Will Follow the Same Format This Year

As noted in a town press release that was emailed to us, Great Barrington's Annual Town Meeting will take place on Monday, June 6 at 6 pm at Monument Mountain Regional High School in Great Barrington. As in the past, the meeting could go into a second night if business isn't completed on June 6. If that does occur, the second night of the meeting will be on Thursday, June 9 same Bat time, same Bat Channel. As in the past, this year's meeting will take on the drive-in style format.

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Great Barrington Assistant Town Manager Chris Rembold in a 2020 interview regarding Great Barrington's Annual Town Meeting mentioned that the town needs at least 100 people in attendance to hold a meeting. At that time, about 300 people showed up to the meeting but business wasn't completed on the first night as people started heading for the hills once the sun went down, and inevitably the meeting had to resume on a second night.

What is Expected of Me at Great Barrington's Annual Town Meeting? 

If you are a Great Barrington resident, you are encouraged to come early to Great Barrington's Annual Town Meeting so you can check-in and get through the registration process. Stay in your car if you can or at least stay near your car and park facing the moderator. Not knowing what COVID-19 conditions will be like in June, it's also a good idea to bring a mask with you.

What Do I Need to Do Prior to Great Barrington's Annual Town Meeting? 

Great Barrington town residents have until May 17 to register to vote if they wish to vote in the Annual Town Meeting. Registration can be done by going here or at the Great Barrington Town Clerk's office during regular business hours.

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