A friend of mine asked me a great question recently which was this: "What are the places you would bring somebody who's never been to Massachusetts before?" Like I said, GREAT question!

So, needless to say, that question got me to seriously think about where would I bring some stranger to the Bay State. Truthfully, I don't think I could narrow it down to just one must-see attraction or city.

We would need a couple of days, for starters. That way I could show off some of the best attractions Massachusetts has to offer to the newcomer. So I came up with a very lengthy list. Which I had to narrow down...and then had to narrow down again. LOL!

Face it, there are just way too many places I could bring somebody that would highlight and showcase the spirit, the determination, and the flavor of Massachusetts. Please keep in mind that the following list is entirely subjective.

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I'm not saying these are the ABSOLUTE BEST spots in Massachusetts (though some of them ARE), but they are all great places to see for many different reasons. And who knows? I may do another article in the future with more of the best attractions Massachusetts has to offer!

10 Great "Must-See" Destinations I Would Bring Somebody Who Has Never Visited Massachusetts Before (in no particular order):

Highland Lighthouse, Cape Cod, North Truro, Massachusetts (this is the lighthouse featured in the top picture). I derived my love of lighthouses from my late mother. It's also very cool that my soulmate, Tonya, also loves lighthouses. There are several lighthouses to choose from in Massachusetts, but this one just seems to have a magical beauty.

Tanglewood, Lenox. Catching an evening music performance on the lawn at Tanglewood Music Center is STILL one of life's great joys.

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Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory, South Deerfield. Years ago I had the distinct pleasure of accompanying two beautiful ladies (my soulmate Tonya and my granddaughter Isabelle) to Magic Wings. Truly a wonderful, warm experience.

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Quincy Market, Boston. If you've never been to Boston's Quincy Market, you have got to check it out! Whether it's great shopping, fantastic food, or awesome candlelight concerts, you'll find it at the Market!

Salem Witch Museum, Salem. How cool is this place? The museum is actually based on documents concerning the Witch Trials of 1692. You can revisit some historic Massachusetts history that also happens to be (BONUS!) kinda creepy and cool.

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Bash Bish Falls, Mount Washington. The tallest waterfall in Massachusetts is, in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful spots on EARTH. And it's right here in the Beautiful Berkshires.

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Any Sand Dunes Tour, Provincetown. There's nothing like taking a stroll through the sand dunes of Cape Cod with the sand, the vegetation, the water (and even the Dune Shacks) all around you. If I had to pick a short description of the experience it would probably be "Soul-Cleansing".

Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge. Massachusetts is simply loaded with places like these where you can learn about history and have fun at the same time. Sturbridge has one of the best!

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Aquinnah Cliffs, Martha's Vineyard. This place features some of the most vibrant colored clay I've ever seen. It has an almost "rainbow" effect. Bring the camera!




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Fenway Park, Boston. Seriously. This has GOT to be on the list. Even if the person you're bringing there is not a Red Sox fan. If they are a fan of baseball in general, this is absolutely one of the most historic ballparks in the world.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm going to have to write another article in the future showcasing more of the Commonwealth's delights. There is just way too much to see and do in our wonderful state!

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