Here's a question for Massachusetts residents: How would you describe the quality of your tap water? Awesome. Good. Fair. Not so good. Poor. Downright disgusting. I guess what I'm really asking is: Would you drink it?

It's interesting. One thing I've learned from moving to different places a lot when I was younger is that every city's tap water has a unique taste. That doesn't necessarily mean that the water tastes bad, just different.

And that makes sense seeing as how every major city in America gets its water from a different source, giving it a distinct taste. And in some cases (and areas), raising concerns about the quality and safety of the water.

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Recently, conducted a survey of 3,000 travelers, asking them one simple question: "Would you feel safe drinking the tap water in specific cities across the United States?"

I can happily report that three cities right here in the Commonwealth appeared in the lower half of the rankings, making them among the more favorable tap waters in America.

Before we get to which three Massachusetts cities have the best tap water, let's take a look at which American cities did not fare well, according to travelers who participated in the survey.

Which 10 Cities Have The Worst Tap Water?

  1. Detroit, Michigan
  2. New York City, New York
  3. New Orleans, Louisiana
  4. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  5. Warren, Michigan
  6. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  7. Allentown, Pennsylvania
  8. College Station, Texas
  9. Pembroke Pines, Florida
  10. Buffalo, New York

Now for the three cities in Massachusetts that performed well in the rankings. Again, according to seasoned travelers:

The Three Massachusetts Cities With The Best Tap Water:

  1. Boston
  2. Springfield
  3. Worcester

Great job, Massachusetts! You can find out more information (including why certain cities were ranked as high (or as low) as they were) by visiting ITAMG's website here.

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