One of the most beloved fictional characters throughout the 21st century so far has gone missing in Massachusetts. Everyone's favorite loveable ogre, who goes by the name of Shrek, has gone missing from his home in the Bay State.

Yes! Shrek has a home in Massachusetts. Or at least a 200-pound statue of the character has a home in Hatfield, MA. But now the statue has gone missing! The Hatfield Police Department recently took to social media to get the word out about the missing statue.

The case of the missing Shrek statue has gone viral recently and has been picked up by several news outlets, including CNN.

You've likely seen the popular character in any one of his movies that stemmed from the original 'Shrek' in 2001. The movie, as well as its sequels, tend to parody other fairy tales throughout history. Some characters from 'Shrek' have also spawned spin-offs such as 'Puss In Boots', which recently had a sequel of its own at the box office. 'Puss In Boots: The Last Wish' dropped this past December in movie theaters.

As for the missing statues, many have to taken to social media to spread awareness of the missing statue.

It seems the Shrek statue was at its home on Mountain Rd in Hatfield, MA when it was taken. Given the fact the statue was about 200-lbs, it certainly couldn't have been an easy thing to just walk up, grab it, and run. Hopefully the statue is returned to its Massachusetts home at some point.

As for the theft, we can likely safely say that his best friend, Donkey, and wife, Fiona, have both been ruled out as potential suspects.

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