A new community initiative in the City of Pittsfield will look to provide timely and specific remediation for individuals and families that are facing acute crisis and risk. It's part of a new 'Pittsfield HUB' established by the city in collaboration with service providers and government agencies.

It's part of a larger community safety model...


The Pittsfield HUB is part of a positive solution to help those individuals and families in our community that are at acute elevated risk of harm. When multiple agencies collaborate, the outcomes are far better for those served... The Pittsfield HUB is not solely a law enforcement-based organization, but another piece of a larger community safety model designed to respond proactively to community need, support our city, and reduce the burden on the criminal justice system. ~ Pittsfield Police Capt. Thomas Dawley


It's modeled after another city's working project...

According to a press release, the project led by the Pittsfield Police Department, known as the Pittsfield HUB, is modeled after the Chelsea Police Department’s HUB: A model for community safety and well-being.


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There are more than 20 community members involved...

The initial HUB meeting was held the first week of January 2022. Since that meeting, the HUB, which includes more than 20 participating members, come together virtually every other week to review cases of individuals who are experiencing mental illness, substance abuse, poverty, and other challenging circumstances.

Here is the list of Community members:

  • 18Degrees
  • Berkshire County District Attorney’s Office
  • Berkshire County Sheriff’s Department
  • Berkshire County Regional Health Systems
  • Berkshire County Regional Housing Authority
  • Berkshire Health Systems
  • Berkshire Medical Center
  • Brien Center
  • City of Pittsfield Mayor’s Office
  • County Ambulance
  • Department of Children and Families
  • Department of Youth Services
  • Juvenile Resource Center
  • Massachusetts Trial Courts
  • Pittsfield Health Department
  • Pittsfield Housing Authority
  • Pittsfield Fire Department
  • Pittsfield Police Department
  • Pittsfield School Department
  • Public Council
  • ServiceNet

How does the Pittsfield HUB work?

HUB meetings are carefully guided in order to identify persons or families who are at an Acute Elevated Risk of harm while respecting and operating within the confines of HIPAA compliance. Prior to the meetings, agencies will refer an individual or family whom they believe is at this level of risk. The person or family is then presented to the HUB team utilizing a Four Filter Model. This process is a structured model, which carefully protects personal information and privacy.

The referral process is the first filter. The second filter is the individual’s or family’s presentment to the HUB team. During the third filter, the individual or family is identified and shared with the rest of the team. The fourth filter is where collaborative intervention planning and execution occurs.

Once the necessary participating agencies are identified, this sub-group meets privately to plan the first steps of outreach and engagement with the individual or family.

There is room for more...

If you are part of an agency that wishes to be involved, you should contact Capt. Dawley at tdawley@cityofpittsfield.org.



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