A Housatonic man is facing charges for sending inappropriate material to minors. That man, 39-year-old Christopher Lovett, was arrested by Newbury Police with assistance from the Great Barrington Police Department last month.

Four counts of Providing Harmful or Obscene Matter to Minors...

According to a media release from the Great Barrington Police Department, Lovett was taken into custody peacefully at his residence on June 27th. He is being charged with four counts of Providing Harmful or Obscene Matter to Minors and a single count of Distribution of Obscene Matter.

An Essex County minor was the apparent victim...

There was not a lot of information provided within the media release, but the Berkshire Eagle, in its Thursday edition, reported that Lovett allegedly contacted specifically a minor from Essex County and sent that child obscene materials via social media. According to the publication, Lovett was released on bail.

The suspect works for Great Barrington and in Pittsfield...

According to Lovett's social media profiles, he works for the town of Great Barrington as a firefighter and is also employed by General Dynamics Mission Systems in Pittsfield.

A warning for parents to stay vigilant...

This incident has prompted a warning from Great Barrington Police Chief Paul Storti and from the Newbury Police Department. They are reminding parents to monitor their children’s social media accounts and to report any suspected online exploitation to either their local police department or the National Center for Missing Children. 


The National Center for Missing Children can be found online, HERE.


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