If you own a home in the Berkshires, you have probably come to appreciate when your city or town holds a hazardous waste collection. It might not seem like a big deal to some, but when you own a house, you spend a lot of time doing everything from painting the interior or exterior of your home to doing simple to advanced repairs and renovations. There is one thing that all of these things have in common... materials. And some of those materials can’t be thrown away in your regular garbage. So, you really need to take advantage of these rare opportunities to dispose of what you have leftover from your various household projects.  

A household hazardous waste collection, organized by the City of Pittsfield in conjunction with the Town of Dalton, will be held on Saturday, Oct. 23rd. The collection is being held at the city’s Highway Facility, located at 81 Hawthorne Avenue. If you go, officials are asking that you please use the rear entrance to the building.  

As space is limited and with COVID safety precautions in effect, participants will need to register in advance and select a 30-minute appointment window for drop-off. Additional instructions will be provided to registered participants. You need to register for the collection by midnight on October 20th. You can register HERE. You can also see the complete list of accepted and unaccepted items at the same link. 

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Residents without computer access may call 413-499-9330 (Pittsfield) or 413-684-6111, Ext. 11, (Dalton) for registration assistance. No drop-ins will be accepted. 

A wide range of unwanted household products with labels indicating the need for special handling or disposal will be accepted, as well as rechargeable buttons and other non-alkaline batteries, and also mercury-bearing thermostats and thermometers.  

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